Miley Cyrus Naked

This budding teen star may be one of the most controversial celebrities this year who was known for her bubbly and wholesome image until a string of controversies and scandals rocked her career when she did a very sexy photo shoot for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine and recently somebody leaked a bunch of revealing photos taken from her stolen mobile phone and she is no other than Miley Cyrus, daughter of famous country singer Billy Ray Cyrus or more popularly known as Hannah Montana. Her show on the Disney channel was a huge hit among young girls and early teens and they look up to her as their new teen idol for which she exuberates innocence and uttermost fun for girls growing up to be young adults, but it was that controversial photo shoot for Vanity Fair that had parents raising their eyebrows thinking how a 16-year old lady would be doing such a provocative pose for a fashion magazine until the recent discovery of her revealing mobile phone pictures which literally sent shockwaves all throughout America and Miley’s image of a teen idol was tarnished thinking that she wasn’t exactly the Hannah Montana they adored on television and she was no different from High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens who posed butt naked in a photo taken by her boyfriend.

It is quite sad to think that Miley Cyrus had to be scrutinized for her naughty behavior with these sexy pictures of her at the tender age of 16, and now people are scampering to see more of those not-so-innocent images of Miley over the internet. Get to see more of her pictures and videos that we have collected and see how one wholesome star ended up to be a naughty sex kitten in the long run when you visit Miley Cyrus Naked and knock yourselves out with tons of controversial stuff that you won’t get to find anywhere else.